I think a theme is beginning to develope on this b…

I think a theme is beginning to develope on this blog, can you guess what it is? LOL.

Here is a little history lesson, in 1978 Jimmy Carter signed into law the Independent Counsel Act. Prior to that, the president alone appointed special prosecutors to investigate allegations of impropriety against government officials. This law was seen as necessary because in the wake of the Watergate scandals it had become clear that the president could not be trusted to lead impartial investigations of these types. Now fast forward 15 years or so, the congress lead by Newt Gingrich decided to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate President Clinton over a land deal at White Water Arkansas. As you no doubt remember, there was no wrongdoing found but $80 million and six years later the result was the impeachment of Clinton for lying under oath about his relationship with Monika Lewinsky.

Now I am not going to invoke the “vast right-wing conspiracy” theory here but needless to say this was a gross misuse of the independent counsel law and $80 million of US tax payer money. Anyway, on June 30, 1999 that same congress sans-Gingrich allowed the Independent Counsel Law to expire throwing us back in time to the pre-Watergate era where the President is again responsible for policing his cronies and himself.

So here we are in April 2004 and it would appear that this President and his cabinet is embroiled in scandal that Richard Nixon could only dream about. Every day we hear allegations of insane lying and deceit by this administration but we lack the ability to appoint an independent counsel to investigate them. Instead, we are forced to listen to Rove-spin spewed at us daily in an effort to confuse the public, discredit the accusors, and generally stall the process of justice long enough to get “W” re-elected in November.

Why is this important? Well, it seems that according to Bob Woodward, this administration decided to tell Saudi Prince Bandar (before their own Secretary of State) about their plans for attacking Iraq. This was well before they came to the American pubic to plead this case for war and during which time they were claiming publicly that all diplomatic efforts were being employed to bring Saddam Hussein into UN compliance. Now it seems that this adminstration has put the pressure on Bandar to aid in their campaign of deceit CNN.com – Woodward: Saudi envoy trying to ‘fuzz up’ meeting – Apr 23, 2004.

All I can say is, if we could impeach Clinton for lying about a b!@#j#$ then the least we can do without an independet counsel law is drive this one out of office and indict him after the fact!

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