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I would first like to thank James for taking the time to read this blog, at least enough to find something worth stirring the pot over. Contrary to the beliefs of our current “Liar in Thief” reading is indeed an essential skill and one which is sorely lacking in the oval office. I expect that had “W” spent more time doing so we may not be in the mess we find ourselves in today.

While James has requested that I provide “the straight Republican facts” regarding the failings of this administration, this is not the Fox News Channel blog and therefore I hope he will accept the truth instead. A comprehensive listing of these failings would require more webspace then Blogger is willing to grant me so in the interest of brevity I will focus on only the most egregious failures.

The President cited many reasons why conducting a preemptive war in Iraq was necessary, all of which were flawed and have lead to a critically unstable situation in the Middle East, discredited the worlds only remaining super power in the eyes of the world, and left us with a Mission Not Accomplished.

Saddam Hussein is a brutal dictator who murders and represses his own people, therefore removing him from power will be a liberating act.

While no one would argue that Hussein was a brutal dictator, that does not distinguish him from a multitude of other foreign leaders around the world, Kim Jung Il, Fidel Castro, etc. If this were such a great reason to invade his country and topple his government why are we not massing on the shores of North Korea or Cuba?

The ouster of Saddam will trigger sweeping Democratic reform in the Middle East.

This is a joke, plain and simple. Let me get this straight, we invade a sovereign nation, kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians, humiliate, torture, and kill our prisoners of war (oh sorry, enemy combatants) and then expect the families of those people to embrace our way of life? Great plan George.

Saddam’s regime was responsible for the attacks on 9/11, therefore overthrowing him will lesson the treat of terror to America and it’s allies.

First, contrary to the repeated attempts by Vice President Cheney to convince us otherwise, it is clear that Saddam had no links to 9/11. After using this point as a reason for war in his 2003 State of the Union Address, Bush subsequently backed off it in no uncertain terms.

Saddam has WMD and if we don’t attack him he could pass them onto terrorists who would surely use them against us.

In the buildup to war in Iraq, Bush sent Colin Powell to the UN to outline the “gathering threat” posed by Saddam and his WMD programs. Powell claimed Hussein had mobile chemical/biological weapons labs traveling around the country like the ice cream man, cooking up Sarin, Mustard Gas, Antrax, and the Plague for use on unsuspecting women and children. This contention was later proven false or at best based on faulty information. He also claimed that we had evidence that he possessed thousands of WMD loaded weapons. Thus far this has proven false and if you listen to the UN Inspection Agency, the folks who actually spent all their time over the past decade looking for them, they do not exist. Lastly, Powell cited intelligence regarding high-strength aluminum tubes and an attempted purchase of yellow cake uranium as proof that Hussein was seeking to build nuclear weapons. The aluminum tube story, if not patently false, has been challenged seriously by everyone but the administration and the yellow cake story was also proven to be false.

So here we are one year after Bush appeared on the USS Abraham Lincoln in front of a banner reading “Mission Accomplished” having sustained over 800 coalition deaths and who knows how many wounded (not to mention Iraqi casualties) with no end in sight to this war. What the administration thought would be a cake-walk has ended up becoming a quagmire. Chalk up failure number one for George W. Bush.

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