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Global Perspectives

This morning began just like many others, a cup of coffee and a search for news on the internet. Typically I need look no further then the daily email briefing I receive from The Washington Post and a scan of the Google News page. Yet this morning did not seem to produce anything that sparked my interest so I did what invariably comes next, I paid a visit to this little gem of a website which has held an important position in my bookmarks for nearly a decade, Newspapers of the World: on the internet.

I am certainly a typical American in that I can only speak English so I scan through the list looking for those papers which profess to carry an English language version. Today I scanned Europe; Albanian Daily News, The Daily Herald (France), The Guardian (UK), and then found one…The Moscow Times. Now I have no idea what the reputation of the paper is but it can’t be much worse then my local “state-run” paper, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. The author seems to reflect all the things we hear about how the rest of the world perceives America:

For despite all the grandiose political rhetoric and world-historical perturbations emanating from the Bush Regime’s imperial project, we should never lose sight of one simple fact: Deep down, these guys are nothing but cheap hoods, two-bit chiselers hustling for loot, thug-brained goons with no more grandeur about them than the meanest pack of Mafia knee-breakers. For them, statecraft is just a crowbar for bashing heads and jimmying open lockboxes.

A close look at the article, aptly entitled “Goon Squad“, shows a slightly angry yet well annotated piece about the efforts of the US to secure operational control over Iraq for the foreseeable future:

Bremer has placed U.S.-appointed “commissions” made up of Americans and local puppets throughout Iraqi government agencies; the ministers supposedly in charge weren’t even told of the edicts. These boards “will serve multiyear terms and have significant authority to run criminal investigations, award contracts, direct troops and subpoena citizens,” the Journal reports. Any new Iraqi government “will have little control over its armed forces, lack the ability to make or change laws and be unable to make major decisions within specific ministries without tacit U.S. approval, say U.S. officials.”

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