Is The Media Liberal or Not? Sean Hannity claimed…

Is The Media Liberal or Not?

Sean Hannity claimed on Monday that all media is liberal. Note, this is in stark contrast to comments made in 2002 by his hero Rush Limbaugh who was quoted on 11-20-2002 as saying,

“There’s been a massive change in media in this country over the last 15 years. Up until 1988, there basically was one media. It was a leftist media: the mainstream press of the three networks and the two or three big newspapers and the magazines. All of a sudden, there came a new media: talk radio. Finally there was someone in the media saying what most of America had thought all along.

Eventually, this hunger for news that gave conservatives a chance to be heard, spawned a lot of other talk radio shows and then gave rise to Fox News Channel. Now it’s 2002 and the traditional liberal media monopoly doesn’t exist anymore. The result? The people who have always benefited from this bias with favorable reporting and puffball stories are now being criticized and asked tough questions. They don’t know how to deal with it because they never had to answer actual questions before.”

Get your stories straight guys!

For those who are interested in real answers to this question I suggest you have a look at Eric Alterman’s recent book entitled “What Liberal Media: The truth about bias and the news.”

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