‘Learn to Fly’ – Two Men Arrested Near TN Nuclear …

‘Learn to Fly’ – Two Men Arrested Near TN Nuclear Plant

In an event which only received local coverage last week, two Israeli nationals were arrested in a rented Ryder truck near the Nuclear Fuel Services plant in Erwin, TN. The Asheville Citizen Times reported that the men were apprehended for driving erratically and evading police on a rural road near Flag Pond, TN. During the pursuit witnesses told police they saw a brown bottle tossed from the truck. The bottle was picked up later and analysis showed it to contain a mixture of Astromid 18 (a latex stripper/cleaner), Gluconic acid and water. Most alarming was what was found on the men when they were apprehended. According to the Citizen Times:

Once the men were apprehended, officers found a fake Florida driver’s license with Naor’s picture on it in a duffel bag in the truck and a business card from a Florida flight instructor in one of the men’s wallets.

The card read: “Learn how to fly” and “Fulfill your dream of flying” and listed the name and number of a Florida flight instructor.

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