Massacre In Afghanistan Lost in the firestorm s…

Massacre In Afghanistan

Lost in the firestorm surrounding the prisoner abuse scandal at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison are the shocking allegations that US forces allowed the massacre of 3000 captured Taliban fighters in Afganistan in 2001. While the UK’s Observer International stopped short of claiming that the US was directly involved, a documentary produced and directed by Jamie Doran takes the position that indeed US forces were complicit in this event. In September of 2003 interviewed Mr. Doran about his documentary which has aired at several independent film festivals and most notably on the CBC in Canada. The film is entitled “Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death” and can be downloaded here, courtesy of Marc Perkel. The file is in Apple Quicktime format and is extremely large (50 Mbytes) so be patient. In the Film Richard Perle, chairman of the Defense Policy Board, is quoted as saying that if these allegations are true that an investigation should ensue. My question is, why has this story not made it to the American corporate media (with the exception of this piece in Newsweek which also falls short of laying any blame on US forces)?

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