Newsweek Weighs In Reading this piece I felt as…

Newsweek Weighs In

Reading this piece I felt as though Eleanor Clift was speaking directly to me, trying to put me at ease for feeling a bit conspiratorial with my comments earlier today regarding Ashcroft’s terror warnings.

You don’t have to be ultra-cynical to suspect the timing of Ashcroft’s dire pronouncements. Bush is in a jam over Iraq, and the exit strategy is changing the subject, or at least broadening it from Iraq to the wider world of terror, where Bush clings to a narrow lead over Kerry in voter confidence.

Thank you Eleanor. She goes on to make a good case for how Senator Kerry comes out on top on the issue of who can better protect this nation in these difficult times. Quoting a GOP strategist not working for the White House,

“The whole point of fighting them over there is so we wouldn’t have to fight them here,” says the GOP strategist. “Are we really safer? Ashcroft seems to be saying no.” Bush has staked his claim to re-election on the premise that he has made America safer. Kerry bided his time, but for the first time this week he made the case in a sober, convincing way that he could be trusted to succeed where Bush has failed.

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