Some numbers to think about… The Federal Budg…

Some numbers to think about…

The Federal Budget is Released: In Defense vs. Domestic, Defense Wins

The Bush Administration released its budget on April 9, although the details on military spending will not be available for at least another month. While overall discretionary spending will rise $25.7 billion, the Pentagon will receive $14.2 billion or 55 percent of the increase.

While the Pentagon is a budget winner, many domestic discretionary programs suffer funding cuts:

– $189 million from Higher Education

– $541 million from Training and Employment Services

– $1.026 billion from Law Enforcement Assistance, Community Policing and other justice programs

– $223 million from Small and Minority Business Assistance (31%)

– $227 million from disaster relief

– $109 million from Small Business Administration disaster loans (59%)

– $338 million from Energy Supply programs

– $354.1 million from clean up programs at former defense sites

– $756 million from Water Resources programs including flood prevention efforts

– $498 million from Pollution control and abatement programs

– $1.23 billion from Conservation and Land Management programs

– $144 million from Animal and Plant Inspection program

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