Chalabi Warned Iran? The Post is reporting toda…

Chalabi Warned Iran?

The Post is reporting today that the FBI is investigating allegations Ahmed Chalabi, the same man who stood next to the first lady during the State of the Union Address, may have warned Iran that the US had broken its secret code. According to the Post, the FBI intercepted an Iranian message that,

“alleges Chalabi said he had been told about the code-breaking by a drunken U.S. official, one senior Bush administration official said.”

Could this be true? The administrations sweetheart, the man who gave all the intel to the New York Times, via the Office of the Vice President, about Iraq’s WMD programs was a spy? I wouldn’t doubt it but this story sounds a bit fishy. A drunken U.S. official blabbing about code breaking.

Considering the well crafted image that the administration is trying to sell us of this pResident, landing on an aircraft carrier in full “Top Gun” flight gear, I would not doubt they took this story straight from that of another war time President, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. In a new movie set to premier soon, there is a scene where Tom Selleck playing Ike has a confrontation with a long time friend Major Colonel Henry Miller who has been overheard drunkenly revealing the invasion plans of Normandy.

I am not disputing whether the intel was passed to Iran, it most likely was, but the method with which it was obtained is what is suspect. We know that Chalabi was part of the White House’s inner circle when it came to the planning of the Iraq war so it is much more likely that this information came straight from one of them. Of course this would not look very good, particularly during an election year, hence the drunken U.S. official story. Unfortunately the Post did nothing in the way of investigating that claim further so we will have to wait and see.

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