Cheney vs. U.S. District Court The U.S. Supreme…

Cheney vs. U.S. District Court

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to turn in a ruling this month on the Cheney energy task force case, Cheney vs. U.S. District Court. Why is this case important you ask? The Sierra Club and Judicial Watch convinced a lower court that it was necessary for the OVP to release their records regarding the task force to show who was involved in crafting the administrations’ energy policy. These groups are claiming that there is reason to believe energy industry officials such as Ken Lay, CEO of Enron, acted as de facto members of the group. The White House is trying to block the release of these documents and one look at this CBS story will highlight why. CBS news is reporting that during California’s rolling blackouts, the same blackouts which were responsible for the Gov. Gray Davis’ ouster, Enron stood by and watched with glee. Here are some snippets from a transcript outlined in the CBS article:

“Just cut ’em off. They’re so f—-d. They should just bring back f—–g horses and carriages, f—–g lamps, f—–g kerosene lamps.”

And when describing his reaction when a business owner complained about high energy prices, another trader is heard on tape saying, “I just looked at him. I said, ‘Move.’ (laughter) The guy was like horrified. I go, ‘Look, don’t take it the wrong way. Move. It isn’t getting fixed anytime soon.”

Nice. If these papers are ever released I expect the fallout will be enormous. At minimum it will show the American public that this administration is more concerned with their billionaire buddies then they are with the well being of average Americans. For more information regarding this case click here for video via CSPAN or here for a written transcript.

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