Happy Monday Good morning everyone, I hope you …

Happy Monday

Good morning everyone, I hope you had as enjoyable a weekend as I did. Some of you are aware of (and some may have attended) the John Kerry party I hosted on Saturday. While the turnout was lower then I had hoped the event was a great success. Two Kerry campaign representatives attended, one from Washington D.C. and another from Western PA. The main focus of the event was to inform people of what they can do to help John Kerry get elected in November and to enlist their efforts. After some great socializing, we watched an excellent video the campaign put together which painted an in-depth picture of John Kerry the man, what he stands for, and his positions on key issues. The video was followed by rougly an hour of round-table discussion which was extremely enlightening.

What really hit me in this discussion was the fact that while many people are passionate about electing John Kerry as our next President it was clear that the reasons for this passion are wide-ranging. Nearly everyone was in agreement that the desire to see our candidate win was equalled by our desire to put a stop to the agenda of the current pResident. As I examined this further (with a lot of help from my wonderful wife) I realized that my passion has allowed me to be dragged into the ugly, petty, tit-for-tat partisan fighting that has personified American politics for all to long. It is the very nature of this dialogue that has driven most Americans away from the political process and we all must rise above it.

I have come to the conclusion that the best way to engage people in the political process is to stop focusing on the negatives of the current administration and instead begin putting forward the clear alternative vision for America engendered by the progressive policies of Senator Kerry and other liberals. Liberal policies are what have made this nation great and people must be reminded of that fact. With this in mind, I plan to refocus the attention of this blog away from bashing the right, which is all too easy these days, toward engaging people in a healthy discussion of our collective future. What do you think? Any ideas? Feel free to comment here or send me a message by clicking on the link below my picture that says “Send me an email.”

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