Incestuous Marriage of Church and State Help me…

Incestuous Marriage of Church and State

Help me out here, at what point do the actions of the Christian Right cross the line between Church and State? The Southern Baptist Convention, which has a long and sordid history of right-wing political activism, is at it again. According to this piece from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Citing anti-American thinking, Southern Baptist Convention quits Alliance, the SBC is pulling out of the Baptist World Alliance because it has “adopted liberal theology and ‘anti-American’ thinking.” When they say liberal thinking they mean, quite simply LIBERAL. Remember these are the same people who complained when Al Gore spoke at a Buddhist Temple in 2000. Now I could care less what the SBC does or does not do so long as when their activities become political that they lose their damned tax exempt status! You and I should not have to subsidize their xenophobic agenda.

On the subject of Church/State issues, the leader of the pack when it comes to blurring the lines between Church and State has to be the Christian Coalition of America. These people have no shame. They have hijacked Christianity and claimed it as their own PAC. Have a look at the list of issues posted on their website. Now the administration is trying to get Catholics to join them in their incestuous marriage of Church and State.

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