John Kerry’s Inspirational Graduation Speech Pl…

John Kerry’s Inspirational Graduation Speech

Please take the time to watch or read the transcripts of this inspirational speech Senator Kerry gave at Bedford High School’s Class of 2004 graduation, Sen. John Kerry Spoke at Bedford High School’s Graduation. Here is a highlight:

Sixty years ago today, an earlier generation faced down darkness and lit their way with a courage that saved freedom in the world. On June 6th, 1944, more than 73,000 young men were on landing crafts steaming toward the Normandy shore. Many were not a day older than any of you. They left their homes, their families, their friends and yes their high schools to wage and win the decisive battle. They did not know if they would ever see America again.

But eighteen- and nineteen-year-olds on the hundreds of landing crafts approaching that beach held their rifles over their heads, jumped into the shallow waters and fought their way ashore. Because at the end of the beach, beyond the cliff was the horizon of a better world. That is what Americans do. We face a challenge — no matter how great — because we know that on the other side there is always hope.

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