"Oops, So We Were Off a Bit…" The Washington …

“Oops, So We Were Off a Bit…”

The Washington Post is reporting in the following article, State Dept. Concedes Errors in Terror Data (Free Subscription Required), that the State Department “mistakenly” reported that their terror data was a bit off. Apparently, after some pressure from lawmakers and academics, the original terror estimate which claimed that “Patterns of Global Terrorism, was at the lowest ebb in the past 34 years,” is going to be revised. But is the damage already done? Shortly after the report was released it was cited by many in the administration as proof that the pResident was strong on terror. While officials have declined to detail the pending changes, one official speaking on the condition of anonymity said,

the corrections could fill eight pages, including a revised chronology of events, “a list of some things that should have been put in or left out,” and various explanatory notes.

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