Reagan Legacy Project The passing of an America…

Reagan Legacy Project

The passing of an American President is an event which evokes all the patriotism and pagentry of our great Republic. Unfortunately, it also tends to create a furor which, if left unchecked, can lead to some utterly ridiculous things. This is where we find ourselves today with the “Reagan Legacy Project” whose goal appears to be the renaming of everything in the US after Ronald Reagan. Now some might say that this effort is grounded in a true desire to memorialize the President, I am not one of those people.

American is not a place where you will find portraits of “The Great Leader” on every street corner, we can leave that dubious distiction to Russia, Iraq, North Korea and the like. We are much more subtle and subdued in our memorializing and should remain so. This effort is really about one thing and one thing only, hammering home the fallacy that conservatism is what has made America what it is today. The problem with this idea is that it completely disregards the efforts of a littany of non-conservative Presidents, Congressman, Senators, Judges, and ordinary Americans who also have had a profound effect on the making of America.

While this effort may seem harmless on the surface do not kid yourself. I respect the life and work of Reagan as much as the next guy but believe that the efforts of the Legacy Project are sorely misguided. Take a look at this piece, Honoring The Memory: ‘Trivializing’ Ronald Reagan, from the Center for American Progress which discusses more reasons why this effort is deluded.

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