Republican Committee Chairman Breaks Ranks By n…

Republican Committee Chairman Breaks Ranks

By now you have undoubtedly seen references to the article from today’s New York Times entitled Group Urges Voters Not to Choose Bush(free subscription required). This article discussed a pending announcement due later this week from 26 prominent Republicans (correction 6.17.04: they are retired American diplomats and military officers, not all are Republican) urging Americans not to vote for pResident Bush in November. While this was an incredible revelation, these are not the only traditional Republican allies to break ranks with the pResident. Actually I am surprised that more of them have not taken offense to the bullying tactics of the White House. In any event, here in Pittsburgh an extremely relevant local voice, Bob Cranmer – Allegheny County commissioner and Republican committee chairman, wrote a scathing dissent in the Sunday Post-Gazette entitled What Would Lincoln Do? Cranmer’s piece can be summed up by his following comments,

As a Republican, my once unshakable confidence in George W. Bush has been severely affected by his apparent lack of understanding and decisiveness. A good friend of mine, who happens to be a West Point graduate, told me recently that he is so disgusted with the current state of affairs that this may be the first presidential election in which he does not vote. Based upon numerous other conversations I’ve had with conservative Republicans, a clear consensus of dissatisfaction has formed concerning this war and its execution.

Could this be the beginning of the end for Bush? I am not sure how many Republicans will find it in themselves to vote Democratic in the coming election but clearly many of them could be considering sitting this one out. It is my belief that if even a fraction of these people take the time to get to know who John Kerry is and what he stands for (read his book A Call to Service, it is all outlined there) they would likely find a man worth voting for.

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