Slots bill tinkering may open door for hockey arena

Slots bill tinkering may open door for hockey arena. I am what you might call a hockey freak so the following comments may come as a surprise. The idea that the only way the State of Pennsylvania can pass the proposed gambling legislation is by tying it into keeping the Penguins in Pittsburgh is sad. As much as I love hockey, I don’t think holding the team hostage for a new arena is the right thing to do. Any new arena is going to bring increased ticket prices, considering that we can barely fill half of Mellon Arena when the Pens play now what makes anyone believe that people will come out in droves to pay higher ticket prices at a new arena? The only way the Penguins are going to increase ticket sales is to put a decent team on the ice which they have failed to do for the past several years. If I had a choice between a new arena funded by slots vs. no new arena and the chance of the Pens being sold I vote for the latter.

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