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The words “John Edwards” had not even finished rolling off Senator Kerry’s tongue when the Bush attack machine began it’s negative tirade against the new VP pick. Their first response was to call Kerry a “flip flopper” yet again (get seriously old) by implying that John McCain was his first choice. Both Senator Kerry and Senator McCain addressed these allegations last night on Larry King Live and Faux NEWS respectively.

Kerry on Larry King Live

KING: Clear up something, was John McCain felt given an offer?

KERRY: No. No, nobody was offered anything until I called John Edwards.

KING: Was he given a feeler?

KERRY: No, what happened, Larry, was, and I think it was the responsible thing to do, that many people, myself included, admire John McCain…

KING: You’re friends, aren’t you?

KERRY: We are friends. It’s a dear friendship, and I respect him and respect that friendship enormously. And I admire John McCain’s willingness to stand up and sort of speak his heart to the country. I think that’s important, and that’s what John Edwards and I are going to do. But I think that …

KING: So you didn’t offer.

KERRY: People suggested that we look at that. There were some people on the other side of the fence, may I say, who reached out and suggested it. John and I chatted briefly about whether or not we should even explore it. And I think in his heart he felt that it was not something he wanted to do, and in the end, we saw issues about it, and we didn’t pursue it.

KING: What did you think?

KERRY: It’s that simple.

McCain on Faux NEWS (courtesy of DJH)

SNOW: Well, you’re absolutely right though, it’s going to be fun to see. Now John Kerry, is it true that John Kerry asked you to be his vice president?

McCAIN: Uh, no. No, it was never offered.

SNOW: It was never offered. So, it may have been discussed elliptically, but never flat out request.

McCAIN: Never was an offer, no.

SNOW: When you had conversations, did you think it was a little weird that he’d be calling you, even in general terms about this sort of thing?

McCAIN: Well, he and I have been friends for a number of years because of our efforts on POWs and MIAs which was a very hot issue back in the early 90’s, a lot of people have forgotten about it, but it was a- and we worked together to try to resolve that issue and I appreciate the work that he did on it. And, so it’s not unusual for us to have conversations.

SNOW: Right. But, so- I want to just lay to rest once and for all: never approached you, never hinted that he wanted to talk to you about being vice president. All that kind of stuff was made up.

McCAIN: Well, I cannot attest to that. All I can tell you is my conversations with him were private conversations, but he never offered it.

So with that lie dispelled what does the GOP do next? Try to discredit Senator Edwards in every way possible. Have a look at the following compilation put together by Media Matters, Conservative misinformation on Edwards pick …

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