Debunking the Kerry/Edwards Liberal Myth

I have repeated heard pundits from the right complaining that John Kerry is the #1 most liberal member of the Senate and John Edwards is the 4th. Until today I had no evidence to confirm or deny these claims but thanks to Kevin Drum here are the true numbers.

2003: Kerry – 1st (96.5) Edwards – 4th (94.5)

2002: Kerry – 9th (87.3) Edwards – 31st (63.0)

2001: Kerry – 11th (87.7) Edwards – 35th (68.2)

2000: Kerry – 20th (77) Edwards – 19th (80.8)

1999: Kerry – 16th (80.8) Edwards – 31st (72.2)

Average: Kerry – 12th (85.9) Edwards – 24th (75.7)

Kevin claims that the increase in 2003 is a result of the campaign season. Bottom line, yes they are liberal, no they are not the most liberal. Anyway, what difference does it really make? Why are people so damned averse to the “liberal” tag? Your thoughts.

UPDATE: More on debunking the myth.

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