Heinz & Kerry

TCF, in response to last weeks post regarding Pittsburgh blogs asked the following question:

“On the second day of the Edward’s Coronation World Tour, I heard CNN explain that the setting for the news conference was not an insignificant decision.I never knew the Heinz’s family business has long been rooted in Pittsburgh. Although, not familiar with the facts on the scope of the entity Heinz, I got the sense its influence on a respectful Pennsylvania electorate, has not been lost on a savvy Kerry campaign.Care to elaborate?”

Being that I am not a native Yinzer, having only moved here five years ago from Atlanta by way of Detroit, I am fully unqualified to speak on the history of Heinz in Western PA. I could certainly give my opinion but instead I would like to defer to you the reader. Any native willing to submit an explanation please submit it in the comments section below.

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