Slam Dunk Baby!

I just finished watching Larry King’s interview with Senator John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry and I have to say they both did a fantastic job. Teresa is obviously an incredible person, smart, strong and clearly committed to helping Senator Kerry win the White House. As Larry slurred out his question to her regarding whether she would have supported a Kerry-McCain ticket her answer was simple, “I like John.” When asked if she was “ticked” that Ralph Nader was running she answered, “coming from a dictatorship” she appreciates his right to run. She followed up by saying that his supporters are intelligent people who know the issues and she would not begrude them their right to vote for him. On the same issue Senator Kerry said that he will speak to Nader’s supporters and make his candidacy “unnecessary.”

My favorite moment in the interview was when Larry asked the Senator if he had seen Fahrenheit 9/11. Kerry answered “no,” and when asked if he planned on seeing it he again answered “no.” A befuddled King asked why and Kerry answered “I have seen it for the past four years, I know why I am running for president, we can do better.” I think that is what George Tenet would call a slam dunk baby!

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