“And our energy plan for a stronger America will invest in new technologies and alternative fuels and the cars of the future — so that no young American in uniform will ever be held hostage to our dependence on oil from the Middle East.” –John Kerry

Anyone who has spent time driving in a city in this country is aware of the importance of this statement Senator Kerry made in his acceptance of the Democratic nomination for President. New technologies based on bold new ideas are required to help us break out of the one-person one-car traffic and fuel problems we face in America today. With this in mind, I would like to introduce everyone to an idea that exhibits incredible promise for delivering a solution which would allow Americans to keep their cars while doubling the capacity of existing roads without the need to widen them.

The proposal is called AVT-Train and the idea is simple.

There are elevated guideways on each side of the highway on which the AVT Trains run continuously – every 8 seconds during rush hour. Cars with their passengers are loaded onto passing trains by shuttles while the trains are moving. Each guideway will transport over 10,000 cars per hour because the trains do not stop at stations.

Shuttles pick up parked cars from Departure Stations, catch up with a passing train, dock with the train and transfer the car with their passengers onto the train. Shuttles also transfer cars from moving trains and park them in Arrival Stations. Shuttles travel on a separate guideway loop that services Departure and Arrival Stations on both sides of the highway.

If this sounds interesting to you, head on over to their website and check out the proposal in greater detail, AVT-Train.

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