By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

Despite their denials, Bush & Co. are inching toward a theocratic White House.

By Mark Crispin Miller


Posted August 31, 2004

Following is an excerpt from Chapter 6, The Clear and Present Danger, from Mark Crispin Miller’s book, “Cruel and Unusual: Bush and Cheney’s New World Order.”

The radical collapse of all distinction between church and state and the promotion of an angry “Christianity” as the USA’s official state religion have grown increasingly apparent as the Bush regime has turned more grandiose and reckless after 9/11. That revolutionary program has gradually come into view despite the press’s failure to expose it, and despite the random efforts of the White House to conceal it (“Well, I – first of all, I would never justify – I would never use God to promote policy decisions,” Bush said, without conviction, to Brit Hume in an interview on September 22, 2003). A cursory survey of Bush/Cheney’s foreign and domestic innovations will make clear that from the start, this regime has been hard at work transforming the United States into a theocratic system, and, globally, at the gradual creation of a nominally Christian New World Order.

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