Last Comic Standing

For the past two days we have been treated on the evening news by annoying little video clips of pResident Bush and Dick “Go F^@k Yourself” Cheney ridiculing Senator Kerry from the campaign trail. The fist little snippit shows a snide looking “W” thanking Senator Kerry for clarifying his position on whether “if he knew then what we know now” (no WMD, no terrorist ties, no imminent threat) would he still have supported the resolution for war. Forget for a moment that by even engaging in this little debate Bush has completely conceded that none of his justifications for war were valid. The man is acting as if Kerry’s position on this was somehow unclear. As far back as March 2003, Kerry was on the record saying,

I support the Bush administration’s goal of a regime change in Iraq. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is a renegade and outlaw who turned his back on the tough conditions of his surrender put in place by the United Nations in 1991.

This is in effect what he has said all along, that he supports the goal of regime change in Iraq. So it is no surprise when asked his position that Kerry said exactly the same thing this week. What the pResident and all the mindless Ditto-heads across America have forgotten is that this was never in question. What IS in question is the way in which the pResident took us to war; by deceiving the public regarding the reasons for war, foregoing diplomacy in favor of military action, and ignoring traditional allies in favor of a unilateral (US/UK) approach. Kerry follows the previous quote with this one,

But the administration’s rhetoric has far exceeded its plans or groundwork. In fact, its single-mindedness, secrecy, and high-blown phrases have alienated our allies and threatened to undermine the stability of the region.

Remember this was in March 2003 at the beginning of the war. These charges look like prophecy from the lens of August 2004.

Cheney (who is beginning to remind me of an aging Chet from Weird Science, this version) decided to mock Senator Kerry saying, “America has been in too many wars for any of our wishes, but not a one of them was won by being sensitive.” Ooh, you got me there DICK, aw shucks. What the Vice pResident forgot was that his little puppet boy “W” said the same damned thing as Kerry when he said that America needs to be “sensitive about expressing our power and influence.” Oops!

So here we are two weeks away from the Republican National Convention and we have the pResident and Vice pResident running around the country making smart-ass comments and acting as if they were the last two contestants on Last Comic Standing instead of giving us a case for why they deserve another term. Could it be that they have absolutely no record to run on?

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