Playing with Fire

The current strategy of the GOP is to divide the country along religious lines. According to a recent poll by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center for the People & the Press this strategy is working,

voters who frequently attend religious services tilt 63-37 percent toward Bush, and those who never attend lean 62-38 percent toward Democrats

While this is not a new strategy (remember Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority?), since the 2000 election cycle there has been a concerted effort to extend it from the confines of the evangelical bible-belt to all conservative congregations, including the Catholic church. While this is no revelation, I would like to remind those people in the church (that means you Deal) who are embracing this policy as a way of infusing “moral values” into government that they are playing with fire.

The Internal Revenue Service prohibits political campaign activity, for or against any candidate, from taking place at all organizations that receive tax exempt status under a section of the federal tax code — including most churches and religious groups. Violators could lose their tax breaks and face excise taxes.

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