Religious Freedom, an American Value

We tend to hunt down the opinions and ideas that mirror our own. This is to be expected. I think we should all spend time arguing our opinions at our “opposites” web sites and using our friend’s house to discuss what we learned away from the safety of our home.

At the end of Karl’s article is a link “Send Feedback To Karl Weinberg”. I suggest that Karl could use a little humbling. What Karl does not understand is that many people do not hold the same beliefs as he does. Amendment one of the Bill of Rights states clearly that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”. By placing a Christian religious symbol in a Government facility sure does seem like an “establishment of religion” to me.

The idea that God is only represented by “Christians” and that anyone who disagrees is fighting for a “godless society” is very narrow minded and arrogant. “Religious arrogance”, “religious chauvinism”, “narrow-mindedness”, “judgmentalism”…these are not traits I assign to Christians in general as Karl would have you believe us “Liberals” do…but these are traits that I can easily assign to Karl Weinberg after reading his article.

Jesus never preached intolerance, did he Karl? I believe Jesus would disapprove of the way you want to classify everyone who does not share your strict beliefs and opinions as “godless communists”, I am personally quite offended. Remeber your ten commandments Karl, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”.

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