Where have you gone Joe McCarthy-(o)?

Feeling a bit nostalgic for Joe McCarthy, some whacky right-wingers have taken to keeping a list, known affectionately as the Whine List, of left-wing celebrities. Their site is called CELiberal and their stated goals are:

1. Serve as a reference point for information about the whiny celebrity liberals, many of whose words and actions we find offensive.

2. Give you the opportunity to debate the latest celebrity and political topics in our Message Board.

3. And last, but certainly not least, to communicate our message. Our message is that we are sick and tired of these celiberals using their popularity to bash our country, our president, our patriotism, our spirit, and our freedom of speech. We also want these celiberals, and others, to know that when they make their controversial comments, they are not speaking for all Americans.

What is most hilarious is their list of “The Righties” which contains a list of names and then a reason why they are considered righties. Here are some examples:

Adam Sandler

Reason Why: “I just want to say hello to all the troops who are overseas right now,” Sandler says in a taped message for the troops on his official Web site (adamsandler.com). “I want to thank you guys for risking your lives for our country and I know you got a job to do, and I hope you get it done quick and safe, and get your asses back home real soon okay,” he says.

Billy Bob Thornton

Reason Why: “Hollywood actor Billy Bob Thornton did his part for the American troops in Iraq — by sending them a barrage of baby wipes.”

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