Grover on Ohio

Neo-con poster boy Grover Norquist must not have realized the tapes were rolling when he uttered this one (audio).

Q: What are the key, or most problematic, battleground states?

Norquist: The key battleground states. We have to hold Ohio. OK? We have an idiot, stupid, corrupt, dumb, rotten, Republican governor in the state, who’s been busy looting the state, and raising taxes, and lying to gun owners.

And his state is the only state in the nation that’s lost jobs and isn’t recovering, because he’s been beating the economy to death in the state! But he’s not on the ballot! George Bush is on the ballot.

And we’ve got to overcome, what we’ve had in Illinois, too, which is a Republican governor busy raising taxes and pissing everybody off, and now we’ve got that in Ohio. It’s not helpful. He should be taken out and horsewhipped.

Thanks to KOS.

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