Impending Draft

In a nutshell, The Blatant Truth has put together this piece on an impending draft which is a must read for anyone between the ages of 18 and 34.

Democratic Underground poster Dems Will Win obtained an obscure military draft planning document through a Freedom of Information Act request, seen first here on theBlatantTruth! Please read this! BushCo is planning to conscript everybody up to the age of 34 for all kinds of duty!

This is a SPECIAL MILITARY DRAFT ALERT. In May, the Seattle Post Intelligencer published an article about a document they received through the Freedom of Information Act. It was revealed that the SSS is currently “designing procedures” for the implementation of a “Skills Draft” and had held a top-level meeting on it with Deputy Undersecretaries at the Defense Department. This draft would change the essential mission of the Selective Service and require “virtually every young American,” male and female ages 18-34, to register for the Skills Draft and list all the occupations they are proficient in to fill labor shortages throughout nearly the entire government. If enacted, the Skills Draft proposed in this FOI-recovered document would change America as we know it.

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