Taking advantage of spurious correlations

An email reposted at Mark Rauterkus’ blog discusses a rally for our troops this coming weekend at Point State Park. While the email claims that the event is non-partisan, “THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL RALLY. BRING YOUR FLAG, BUT PLEASE LEAVE THE CAMPAIGN SIGNS AT HOME” it also suggests that the reason the US has not seen a terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11 is because of Bush’s war in Iraq.

Since that horrible day three years ago, there have been no more attacks here on our soil. One reason is that many of the would be bombers and attackers are engaged in a struggle against our troops in Iraq. They have made themselves the target so that we wouldn’t be.

This assumption is “the proof” being given by supporters of pResident Bush that he is strong on terror. I am sorry but this is a spurious correlation at best. To suggest that we have not had an attack because all of the terrorists packed their bags and flew over to Iraq to fight us is simply ridiculous. Let me remind everyone that prior to 9/11 there had not been a foreign attack on our soil since the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. What reason do we have then for this gap of eight years between attacks? What were the terrorists distracted by then, the Monica Lewinsky scandal? Please.

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