Vietnam War Has No Place in 2004 Election

I was perusing the Operation Truth website KOS pointed out this morning and found this article by Joseph L. Galloway, senior military correspondent for Knight Ridder. The article is published at, not the most liberal site on the web.

Some are using the events of 35 years ago to assassinate the character of a candidate who fought in their war, beside them, in order to promote the re-election of a president who avoided that war and a vice president who said he had better things to do in the 1960s and took five draft deferments.

Instead of doing an autopsy on an old war, why don’t we talk about the war that is raging in Iraq? The one that is draining away $100 billion a year of our money and the lives and futures of hundreds of our sons and daughters. Let’s talk about the war in Afghanistan. The job we left undone when we turned to fight the one in Iraq.

Let’s talk about companies and individuals who are profiteering in the middle of wars that are taking the lives of our soldiers – companies that can’t find the records to back up billions of dollars in overcharges on contracts in the war zone.

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