W is for Liar

Have you noticed that anytime someone attempts to call the Bush administration a pack of liars the media response is, “lie is a pretty harsh term don’t you think?” Yes it is pretty harsh, especially when it is true! We have so much evidence of lying by the pResident and his cronies that it is almost too much to bare but here is a little snippit from today’s headlines to serve as a good starting point.

GAO: Former Medicare chief should forfeit salary for withholding estimates

The Health and Human Services Department should seek to recover the salary paid Thomas Scully, the former Medicare administrator, for barring one of his employees from giving lawmakers the cost estimates of the prescription drug bill, according to a GAO opinion released Tuesday.

“The Bush administration went so far as to break the law in order to hide information about their flawed Medicare plan,” Lautenberg said in a statement Tuesday. “This was a corruption of the process at the highest levels. President Bush’s former Medicare chief needs to pay back his salary, as the Government Accountability Office has ordered.”

Forget about the ridiculous “W stands for wrong” crap we have heard for the past couple of days from Senator Kerry, he should be saying boldly, this administration has lied to the American public, lied about job creation, lied about medicare, lied about the justifications for war, and lied about their record over the past three plus years.

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