Steve Clemons of the Washington Note has uncovered yet another PATRIOT Act like civil liberties fiasco underfoot going by the name of the CHAMPION Act (currently Subtitle F–Criminal History Background Checks of HR 10). In a nutshell, this legislation allows the Attorney General to plug every American’s criminal history information (I assume this would incude DUI’s, noise violations, speeding tickets, etc.) into a national database and sell it to any company willing to pay. Steve feels the following questions should be asked of the pResident during tonights debates:

President Bush, if you had been held accountable for misdeeds that only you know about from your self-described wild youth, would you have been hired by the people of the United States as President?

If your employers and business partners had known that you broke laws (not saying you did…but you and Jesus know) because this information had been plugged into a national data base and shared with anyone who wanted it and paid the Justice Department, “a reasonable fee,” would you have gotten where you are today?

Did you read Orwell’s 1984?

Do you think sharking(sic) records of all criminal offenders with employers around the nation fits with compassionate conservatism?

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