Florida teen reaction to the debates

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel ran this interesting piece today quoting Florida teenager reaction to the debates. Here are a few quotes.

“Although this debate proved to be the most entertaining, the candidates’ contentions have surpassed repetitive and reached mind-numbing. There is a significant difference between using colloquialisms to appeal to the nation and simply conveying sheer ignorance. The president crossed that line.”

Anjali Sharma, 15, Pine Crest School


“Kerry seems to gradually appear more confident over the course of the debates. He is using `When I am president,’ which is the assurance the general public is going to respond to.”

Tori Abernathy, 16, Pine Crest School


“Since the second debate both candidates have grown hostile toward each other. But now both of them have seemed to even out the playing field. Unfortunately for Bush, his political growth is too little, too late. Overall, these debates have turned out to be quite a debacle for Bush’s campaign.”

Shivam Upadhyaya, 13, Stranahan High School

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