Jeb Bush Ignored Felon List Advice

With all of the the media focused on the Cheney’s contrived “outrage” over Senator Kerry’s comments regarding their daughter Mary’s sexuality, real issues like voter fraud are being given back page coverage. At least that is what Jeb Bush must be hoping after the release of this scathing story accusing Prince Jeb of ignoring advice to throw out a flawed felon voter list.

In a May 4 e-mail obtained by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Florida Department of Law Enforcement computer expert Jeff Long told his boss that a Department of State computer expert had told him “that yesterday they recommended to the Gov that they ‘pull the plug'” on the voter database.

The e-mail said state election officials “weren’t comfortable with the felon matching program they’ve got,” but added, “The Gov rejected their suggestion to pull the plug, so they’re ‘going live’ with it this weekend.”

With a little more than two weeks left until the election Republican’s are doing everything they can to ensure a long, drawn out, state by state battle that could last well beyond November 3rd.

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