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For those of you who are unaware, Comments From Left Field recently joined a newly created blog alliance known as the Progressive Blog Alliance. Head over there to get a feel for what it is all about.

Last night, Jay Tea over at Wizbang issued a challenge to all Kerry supporters to give their reasons for voting for Senator Kerry in November. It seems that the right thinks we are all lemmings and therefore could not possibly have well thought out reasons to vote for Kerry. Well the responses would say otherwise, if you have not done so already go on over and give your reason. The ground rules (as set by the house) are:

1) Only serious, positive statements about John Kerry will be tolerated. Sarcastic or cynical “positives” will be edited or deleted, as the mood suits me. (Unless, of course, I find them way too funny to mess with.)

2) Absolutely no mention of President Bush will be tolerated. This is to limit the discussion to “why vote FOR John Kerry,” and not “why to vote AGAINST Bush.” If you want to discuss that, there are a couple zillion web sites out there you can do that. You might want to start with Democratic Underground, the site so dedicated to free speech they TWICE banned me for not toeing their party line finely enough.

3) This will be a watched and moderated discussion. Although I am loath to do so normally, I will be exercising my authority to edit and/or delete comments. And by “edit,” I mean I might remove words, sentences, or even completely rewrite postings as the whim strikes me. For example, “I’m gonna vote for John Kerry because Bushitler is an evil, stupid, drunk cokehead who has wet dreams of global tyranny and apocalypse” might get edited into “I’m gonna vote for John Kerry because I’m too stupid to read the rules and think they apply to me, and Kerry will make sure there’s plenty of social funding programs to keep me happy and drugged and well-fed while I continue my existence as a waste of oxygen.” Consider yourselves warned. (And before you ask, Rodney and McGehee, yes, I had you two in mind here.)

What are you waiting for? get over there!

UPDATE: Wizbang has shut down the thread (Adam had the last word, lucky bastard). The Shape of Days has taken up the same topic though so don’t be dismayed you can still have your voice heard. Same rules as before, head on over and say your peace.

UPDATED UPDATE: BOP has two threads where you can state your reasons for voting for Kerry and your reasons for voting against Bush.

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