Sinclair Retreats on Kerry Film

Now that’s what I am talking about! Sinclair Retreats on Kerry Film

Facing advertiser defections, a viewer boycott and a plummeting stock price, as well as strong opposition from Democrats, Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. scrapped its plan to air a film that attacks the 1970s-era antiwar activities of Sen. John F. Kerry, and will instead run a special produced by its news division incorporating parts of the movie.

I would not call this a complete victory since we do yet know what portions of the film they will use in their “news” piece or whether they will allow equal time to the Kerry camp. In any event, the impact will most certainly be less acute since the new plan does not call for preempting programming on all of Sinclair’s 62 stations.

The company said it would limit the airing of the special to one station in each city to “minimize the interruption of normally scheduled programming.”

Chalk one up for the good guys.

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