The Weekend

With one week to go before the election I would have been fully satisfied to have hunkered down in my home in the heart of Pittsburgh Democratic territory surrounded comfortably by Kerry/Edwards yard signs and like minded neighbors. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for working to improve the discourse in the blog-o-sphere by encouraging open, civil discussion among camps but I would stop short of spending the weekend at Temille Hoffert’s home breaking bread. So you will be surprised to know that that is essentially what I did this weekend.

My sister-in-law Michelle, while certainly not Temille Hoeffert, is a staunch Bush supporter from the born-again-Christian-right camp who lives just outside of D.C. in Virginia with her beautiful family. Since it was my father-in-law’s birthday this weekend (Happy Birtday Walt!)my wife Vicky, daughter Gabrielle and I took the trip from Pittsburgh to Southern Maryland and stopped along the way to stay at her sister’s place. I promised myself that I would not discuss politics and only briefly entertained planting Kerry/Edwards yard signs in their yard and changing the home pages on all their PC’s to Comments From Left Field. I anticipated some heated discussion breaking out ending in her husband and I drawing pistol’s at dawn (it is after all Vaginia Sir!).

Luckily the first night passed uneventfully and I shuttled off to bed feeling, as I always do visiting them, a great sense of family warmth and love. When I awoke at 6:00 AM Saturday morning in a groggy haze I was surprised to see that Michelle and Vicky had stayed up all night talking. I stumbled over to the coffee maker and Michelle met me in the kitchen and handed me a navy blue mug. Now you need to know that for the first half-hour or so after I wake up in the morning I am completely out of it. I poured a cup of coffee and turned to see Vicky and Michelle snikering and pointing at me. What, was I sporting morning wood? No, whew! I brushed it off and took my first sip of coffee and that is when it hit me. The mug planted firmly in my hand had writing on it, writing that shocked me out of my stupor.

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