Around the horn 11.19.04

The ‘Burgh

Now this is freakin hilarious, DJHLIGHTS catches the American Family Association using The Onion as a source for “outing” yet another gay conspiracy.

Subdivided has a great suggestion for those of you who are worked up over the Terrel Owens MNF flap, off with you!

If anyone needs an excuse not to go to medical school, Suzie has it.

R.O.W. (Rest of World)

Andrea and Mac both have excellent pieces on the looming financial catastrophe that is the Bush fiscal policy (see Can you say Reaganomics?).

Ron had taken on the daunting task of trying to uncover election anomalies in all 50 states, today’s state, Arizona.

Lastly, I have long owed a link to Blogitics who has increasingly become the defacto source of Daily Show and Late Show footage on the web, today’s clip…Porter Goss: Partisan Drone.

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