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Well gee willikers, if this is not about special treatment then please register my daughter as well. I expect you will also donate her education free of charge, won’t you? How exactly does it work again? I enroll my child and you pay the $38,000 annual tuition using tax payer money. Then I pull her out and you say “awe heck – we won’t charge the taxpayers, we’ll educate her for free.” Sounds like a plan. If this was part of No Child Left Behind no wonder you supported it Rick.


I have an idea, if all it takes for our children to get an equivalent education to the Santorum’s is owning some property in Penn Hills then let’s do it. We can purchase a plot of land and divide it up by feet, stick mailboxes on every square foot and send all of our children to school. It is about the children after all right? Who’s with me?

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