Republican Election Theft Roundup

Over the course of the past several days I have received numerous emails from friends and readers wondering why I have not really said anything about the allegations of voter fraud floating around. Let me remind everyone that no matter what is found at this stage, the election is over and Kerry lost. We are not going to wake up tomorrow and have a new result. I wrote several posts over the course of the past six months alerting people to the possibility of voter fraud at a time when something could have been done to prevent it.

With that said, it is certainly worth paying attention to these allegations and following them through to the whatever ends they produce. If there was significant voter fraud it must be brought to the attention of the American public to ensure it can never happen again. I ganked the following summary from Shaula Evans, the rest of this post can be found atBlogging of the President and Tsuredzuregusa.

by Shaula Evans

  • MSNBC’s Hardblogger: Keith Olberman on George, John, and Ohio
  • The numbers don’t add up
  • CIA-style hacking rigs election for Bush
  • Black Box Voting calls it Fraud
  • Surprising Pattern of Florida’s Election Results
  • The Greg Palast classic: An Election Spoiled
  • Washington Dispatch: Vote Fraud in Ohio?
  • Presidential votes mis-cast on machines across the country
  • Reconciling voting machine and exit poll discrepancies
  • Ohio Whitewash
  • Institute for Public Accuracy on Ohio Elections
  • software flaw found in Florida vote machines
  • Florida numbers analysis (chart)
  • exit poll chart via BOP reader alyosha (thanks, man)
  • Stolen Election 2004
  • Open Voting Consortium
  • 4000 votes missing in Pennsylvania County
  • Palm Beach county logs 88,000 more votes than voters
  • outrage in ohio
  • Broward County Florida voting machines count backwards
  • Diebold Pres Odell’s 2003 promise to “deliver Ohio for Bush”
  • Greg Palast: Kerry Won
  • Diebold Machines yield fishy results
  • Machine Error Gives Bush Extra Votes in Ohio
  • More evidence of possible fraud in Darke County, Ohio
  • NC: 11,823 “extra” votes cast for Bush
  • chart: Florida voter reg vs performance
  • Something looks very wrong in Florida
  • Election Theft Bombshell: Major Security Breach
  • And finally, from the “We told you so” files: A technical look at how they can steal it (from October 9, 2004)
  • Plus, from the BOP House Crew

  • Matt Stoller: another stolen election
  • oldman: speaks for itself
  • Barry Ritholtz: mapping out election results
  • Ian Welsh: Okay, it was stolen
  • Shaula Evans: fight fight fight
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