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Hi, my name is Goose and I am a C-SPANaholic.

For those of you who waste precious minutes of your day here this has likely not come as any surprise to you. This addiction has yet to be recognized by the 12-step community but after the results of the past two elections I am sure it is not long for the list.

But seriously folks, the truth is on most evenings from 11:30 PM until I doze off my satellite dish tends to be firmly fixed on the signals from CSPAN or CSPAN2. Last night I had the pleasure of catching three different panel discussions involving members of both the Bush/Cheney and the Kerry/Edwards teams discussing what did and did not work from a strategic campaign perspective. After watching these discussions I came to two conclusions: first, the Bush/Cheney team is still in campaign/spin mode and unwilling to admit (at least publicly) that it was the negative campaign they ran which won them the election; and second, I am dying to be in that line of work.

After these panels were over CSPAN2 showed a discussion conducted by the Organization of Security & Cooperation in Europe. Many of you may not be aware that even though our government publicly claimed they did not want to have international monitors overseeing our elections, it happened anyway. The OSC released a preliminary statement on the conduct of our election which can be found here (PDF). The most interesting part of the statement in my opinion is this:

It would seem appropriate to regard HAVA as work in progress in the context of a comprehensive electoral reform process, including the development of minimum election standards. It is to be hoped that future reforms will further enhance consistency regarding the following: voter registration criteria and procedures; rules for issuing, verifying and counting provisional ballots; voter identification requirements; absentee voting by eligible citizens living abroad.

The OSC also has yet to release a statement regarding the performance of electronic voting machines but the speaker did say that they were disappointed in the lack of a paper trail from these machines. While we await the full report from OSC you can head over to Bev Harris’ site and see what she is doing to further investigate the performance of these machines, happy reading.

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