Too close to call?

Although the race is still “too close to call” in Ohio hence still undecided I would like to take this time to congratulate all the people in the PA Victory campaign especially the volunteers (of which I am one) who worked so hard to deliver Pennsylvania to Senator Kerry. Each and every person I met was dedicated to working for a Kerry win and it showed last night. Regardless of what transpires in the next few hours and days I hope that we can continue to build on this momentum and work for real change for the deserving people of Pennsylvania.

One additional note, I really would like to hand it to the Bush team. They made what I think will be a smart tactical decision by waiting until after 5 AM when all the news organizations made the switch to their news-challenged morning teams to come out and claim victory in Ohio. With all of the pundits, political analysts and anchors likely sound asleep they trotted Andy Card out to make a speech that will likely go unanswered by the Kerry camp until late this morning. Had this speech been made 10 minutes earlier it would likely have been discounted as political maneuvering but instead it will be played over and over this morning reaffirming the notion that Bush actually did win Ohio (not saying that isn’t true of course but that it has yet to be called).

The pressure this announcement puts on the Ohio Secretary of State to come to a conclusion is palpable. As a result, I expect that this thing will be decided by no later than this afternoon. Once it is done I will have more to say, in the mean time stay tuned.

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