Does this stuff only happen in "the big city?"

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few days you have heard the horrific story of Lisa M. Montgomery. Mrs. Montgomery has confessed to kidnapping resulting in murder after cutting the 8 month-old unborn child out of the womb of Bobbie Jo Stinnet. I usually try not to follow these types of stories but this one is so macabre it caught my attention.

While reading about it in The Day this quote from a local neighbor of the confessed murderer grabbed my attention:

“You read about this stuff, she said. It blows you away when it’s here. This stuff is supposed to be in New York City or Los Angeles.”

WHA? This is the kind of thing you hear people say all the time when crazy shit like this happens in Littleton, Colorado, Austin, Texas, Kerrville, Texas, Waco, Texas, Milwaukee, Wiscosin, but is this true? Do horrible things like this tend to occur only in the morally depraved blue states or are the red state residents simply living in a world where all horrible things happen “somewhere else?”

Well I am sorry to break it to you folks but we do not have a monopoly on whacko’s. It is this mind set that has allows the GOP to demonize “the coasts” for everything wrong with America. After all, in their view of the world it is only in New York and Los Angeles that teenage girls get pregnant and seek abortions, gay couples – bent on the destruction of the family – seek to marry, or secular liberals conspire to remove Christianity from Christmas.

Please! Only after these people wake up and snap out of their Leave it to Beaver world will they be able to recognize that things like this happen EVERYWHERE and only then will they be able to prevent them from occurring. In the mean time they can continue to blame us blue-staters for everything wrong with the world.

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