Ringing in the New Year in Pennsylvania

While surfing Blog Explosion I stumbled upon this excellent list of…um…unique Pennsylvania New Year’s Eve celebrations. I have not fact-checked this list so feel free to do so.

How Pennsylvania is ringing in the New Year:

Harrisburg, Pa., will return to its custom of dropping a giant strawberry this year. Last year, the city dropped a cow painted to look like a strawberry as part of a preview for Cow Parade Harrisburg.

Lancaster and York, Pa., are known as Red Rose City and White Rose City, respectively. In Lancaster, the city raises a red rose. York residents watch the drop of a white rose into a giant vase to announce the new year.

Elizabethtown, Pa., a huge M&M will be lowered in Center Square at 7 p.m. The town chose 7 p.m. to mark the new year in its sister city, Letterkenney, Ireland. Elizabethtown is home to an M&M Mars plant.

A summer tradition is revised in a different way in Falmouth, Pa., where the community lowers a stuffed goat. The town is known for its day of goat races in the summer.

Manheim, Pa., will raise an orb.

In York County, Dillsburg will lower a pickle.

Middletown, Pa., will be somewhat normal and drop a ball.

Hummelstown, Pa., will be weird and drop a lollipop.

Lebanon, Pa., will drop 7 1/2-foot-long bologna at midnight. The piece of meat weighs about 120 pounds and is the largest they have made for the drop so far. Also in Lebanon County, Cleona will continue the tradition it started last year and drop a pretzel from a tower at the Cleona fire station.

Shippensburg, Pa., will drop an anchor to welcome the new year!

Newville, Pa., will drop a big spring.

Hat tip to MrBob.

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