Shut ’em down already

For at least the past five years anyone lucky enough to live in a city served by US Airways has been treated to the following mantra, “concessions, concessions, concessions.” Bankrupt in 2002 and again in 2004, the only reason they are still around is massive corporate welfare in the form of bailouts (which they have yet to repay). Now these people who would run a lemonade stand into the ground are marching out the mantra once again asking employees to volunteer over the holidays.

The company, which is seeking concessions from the union representing mechanics and baggage handlers, said it has asked employees to volunteer at Philadelphia from Dec. 30 to Jan. 3. Shares of US Airways fell more than 3 percent.

While the volunteers will not get paid, employees scheduled to work in Philadelphia over that period will get paid, a US Airways spokesman told Reuters.

“If you are an employee scheduled to work in Philadelphia, you will get paid. Aside from that, we are asking for employees to volunteer, in an effort to prepare for a very busy travel period this coming weekend,” David Castelveter, US Airways spokesman, told Reuters.

IMHO it is time for US Airways to either find management that knows what they are doing or do us all a favor and close up shop. I am sure we could find several million Americans that are more deserving of the $717 million welfare check US Air squandered.

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