Take the Tsunami Challenge

I have not blogged about the Tsunami until now because I have been simply too mortified. As of this posting the death toll is estimated to be over 125,000 and climbing. While searching for someplace to donate I noticed that TAS over at Loaded Mouth had issued a challenge:

Let’s make it official: I’m challenging bloggers to raise $5000 for the Tsunami relief efforts by pledging money and offering some quirky gift or service to their readers to get them to match it.

Perfect! I just donated $250 to Oxfam America’s Asia Earthquake Fund. The first person to send me an email confirmation of a match to this donation (to the charity of your choice – see TAS’s link above) will receive a free one year subscription to Utne Magazine. Any takers?

Challenge Progress


  • Ol’Froth, “I can’t afford $250, but my $35 donation is on the way! Every little bit helps.”

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