Bush’s Problem with Personal Responsibility?

In an interview with USA Today, President Bush masterfully passed the buck on the Armstrong Williams Payola scandal to the Department of Education.

President Bush expressed disapproval Thursday of the Education Department’s decision to pay conservative commentator Armstrong Williams to promote the government’s education policy. Bush said he wants his Cabinet to prevent a recurrence.

“There needs to be a clear distinction between journalism and advocacy,” Bush said in an interview with USA TODAY, which revealed last week that Williams had been paid $240,000 to advocate for the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law.

It would seem that whenever something goes wrong in this administration (daily?) it is either Bill Clinton’s fault or someone else’s. Case in point, when it was learned earlier this week that we had given up searching for WMD in Iraq, did Bush take any responsibility for launching the first preemptive war in U.S. history on false pretenses and leaving 1360 American Soldiers dead? No, he blamed bad intelligence and claimed it was being looked into (all the while holding no one accountable and giving the man in charge of said intel the Medal of Freedom).

Apparently “ushering in an era of personal responsibility” does not apply to the President of the United States.

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