Campaign Finance Laws Do Not Apply

On the front page of today’s Washington Post is a story detailing the corporate donors and lobbying interests who have bucked up for the upcoming inauguration orgy.

“At least 88 companies and trade associations, along with 39 top executives – all with huge stakes in administration policies – have already donated $18 million toward a $40 million goal for the country’s 55th inaugural celebration.”

“Practically all the major donors have benefited from Bush administration policies, especially from corporate and individual tax cuts, deregulation and the new prescription drug benefit that is part of Medicare. Most also stand to boost profits further because of Bush’s second-term proposals, which include limiting medical malpractice suits, creating private investment accounts as part of Social Security and making a tax-code revision that is expected to reduce taxes on investments.”

Let’s not forget, with all this talk of spreading Democracy around the globe we still have the best government money can buy .

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