FOXNews show just how huge their balls are!

I was just as curious as the next guy to see how the administration and their propaganda network FOXNews would try to spin the fact that the search for WMD in Iraq ended fruitless. Little did I know they would take this tack. Ladies and Gentlemen, how does Fox answer the critics? With this headline: Bush Unfazed by Criticism of Iraq WMD Hunt.

That’s right, Bush is unfazed by the fact that he started the first preemptive war in U.S. History, sent 1362 U.S. soldiers to their death, and turned Iraq into a new and improved Afghanistan based on a lie. Apparently he is so resolute that even in the face of blinding evidence of the stupidity of his actions, he is UNFAZED. The prize for the biggest balls in history now officially goes to FOXNews!

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